Katrin Mattmann Portfolio | How to Fall in Love.
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How to Fall in Love.

Print, Typography
About This Project

Jessica and Florian met in high school and have been a couple for almost ten years before getting married last summer. They wanted to show their guests what their path to marriage looked like. Therefore I thought it would be nice to include all the little details that made their relationship special. I designed simple icons for each event and placed them along a timeline. Their guests could then follow the line from their first date to their day of the wedding.

Das Brautpaar lernte sich während ihrer Schulzeit vor mehr als zehn Jahren kennen. Ihre Einladung sollte daher all die kleinen Details wiedergeben, welche ihre Beziehung prägte. Für jedes dieser Ereignisse gestaltete ich ein Ikon und platzierte diese entlang einer Zeitleiste.